Saturday, 9 January 2016

Sweden to Austria 28th July-8th September 2015

                           Entered Sweden 28 July

                       Fishing lodges near Grinstad

               Carlsten Fortress at Marstrand. In the 15th century it was the herring capital of Europe


                       The Little Mermaid from the fairy tale by Hans Christen Andersen


                      Rikke and Per

                      Five Viking ships sunk for defensive purposes in Roskilde 1040 years ago. Largest is 30m and all made in Dublin which was founded by the Vikings

                       Holland: Reclaimed land; 6m below sea level between Kampen and Almere

                     …. and all 6m below sea level

                    Amsterdam, dancing houses

Am        Amsterdam, local shop 

 Amsterdam, canals

           Amsterdam, Red light district

           Amsterdam, bike parking

            Rijksmuseum - Rembrandt Night watchman

                      Rijksmuseum - Vincent Van Gogh

1                     Anne Frank’s house

1                     Heading back to camp after a day in Amsterdam

                     Zaanse Schans working village

             Holland, local landscape               

1                   Cologne Cathedral built between 1247 – 1850, mosaic windows 

1                     Cologne Cathedral built between 1247 – 1850, ceiling

                      A wet day at a wine festival with Heinz and Sandra

                      Sandra and Marina

                     Eltz Castle on the Moselle River; built in 1047

1                     Camped next the Rhine in Koblenz at the junction with the Moselle

                     Looking north along the Rhine to the junction with the Moselle 

1                     Heildelberg Castle – 15th century and the world’s largest wine vat, 220,000lit

                  Trieberg in the Black Forest

1                     Cuckoo clocks in Trieberg


                         Black Forest cake in the Black Forest!

                        The Rhine Falls Switzerland and the largest plain water falls in Europe

                      Walking down after chair lift on the Alpine Strasse

               Traditional Bavarian houses

                       Neuschwanstein Castle near Fussen Bavaria

                      View from Neuschwanstein Castle

        Going up the cable car to the Zugspitze


                       The top deck on the Zugspitze

            Mountain range, Germany


                       The very summit of the Zugspitze

1                    Zugspitze, Germany

            Dachau, Germany